November 2012

Officer J.D. Summers

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Officer J.D. Summers has been selected as Employee of the Month for November 2012.

Officer Summers joined the Quincy Police Department on September 7, 2004. He graduated from Western Illinois University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. He attended basic police training at the Illinois State Police Academy.

J.D. Summers was selected as Employee of the Month due to his performance in investigating a home repair fraud case leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. Officer Summers started his investigation in November 2011. An elderly couple complained that they paid for some construction work to their home, and were unable to get the contractor to do the work or refund their money. In the course of his investigation, Officer Summers interviewed the contractor who had many excuses as to why the work was not done. Officer Summers followed up on all the claims and was able to discredit most, if not all of them. Officer Summers' investigation developed the probable cause necessary to arrest the contractor for home repair fraud. The contractor has a history of this type of activity. The case recently went to a jury trial and the contractor was found guilty.

The prosecuting attorney for the case credited the guilty verdict to Officer Summers' "outstanding effort." Officer Summers was lauded not only for his investigation but for his testimony in court as well. Officer Summers' performance demonstrates the importance of a patrol officer's investigation in solving crimes and protecting citizens, as well as reflecting a positive light on the department as a whole.

Please join me in congratulating Officer J.D. Summers for being selected as the Quincy Police Department's Employee of the Month.

Robert A. Copley, Chief of Police