Dept Info

Administration / Command Staff:

Chief of Police Robert Copley
Deputy Chief of Administration Services Shannon Pilkington
Deputy Chief of Operations Doug Vandermaiden
Administrative Services Sergeant Adam Yates
First Shift Lieutenant John J. Nevin
Second Shift Lieutenant Chad Scott
Investigative Section Lieutenant Kathy Schisler
Central Records Supervisor Susan Vahlkamp
Chief's Secretary / Office Manager Jennifer Kerker


Calls for Service:

In 2017, the Quincy Police Department handled 36,688 calls.

Service Area:

The Quincy Police Department patrols 14.7 square miles within the incorporated boundaries of the City and the Quincy Regional Airport. The city is divided into five patrol districts.


The operating budget for the police department is approximately $10,819,683.00.

Department Size:

The Quincy Police Department is authorized to employ 75 sworn officers and 12 civilians.


According to the United States Census the estimated population for Quincy is 40,600. The Quincy Police department is not only responsible for serving and protecting the citizens who live in Quincy but also those people visiting or doing business in Quincy which can push the population to an estimated 100,000 or more on any given day.