July 2015



In an unusual departure from past practice, the July 2015 Employee of the Month award will be presented to the crew of Engine #4, 2nd shift that was on duty July 13th. 

The following is an excerpt of the nomination submitted on the crew’s behalf:

On Saturday, June 13, 2015, the YMCA was holding their annual Mud Run when one of the participants fell about ten feet from an obstacle.  E4’s crew consisting of Lt. Chris Bichsel, FF Jerry Smith and FF Matt Hinkamper responded and tended to the patient.  While doing so, another person fell from the same obstacle and was treated by the crew as well.  This crew was commended but the Medical Race Director, who commented,” the Quincy firefighters that responded to the scene did an outstanding job!  They were at the scene very quickly and, despite a large crowd around the area, secured and transported the patients rapidly and without incident.  What was really outstanding was their attitude and how well they worked with the local volunteers.  They managed the case without alienating anyone and got the patients treated quickly.”

Thanks for a job well done and congratulations, Lt. Bichsel, FF Hinkamper and FF J. Smith.