QFD in the Past

Life at the Quincy Fire Department 100 Years Ago

The following is an excerpt from a Quincy Fire Department logbook, a monthly meeting:

Fire Commissioners

Quincy Ill Dec 31/96

Present Mayor Steinbach Ald Ohlschlager Chief Schlag
Chief reported the following Bills for month of December

Pay Roll 1386.68   Gas Co. 64.95
New Jersey 56.50   E.W. Trowbridge 29.59
Hiller & Arthur 17.68   Smith & Bormyer 13.00
Dick Bros Milling Co, 12.50   Adam Fick 7.50
Western Harness Co. 7.50   L.J. Harris 7.49
Gas Co. 5.71   Alex Reardon 4.35
Jos VonderHeide 3.20   E Best 3.10
W.H. Konantz 2.75   Halls Bros 2.20
H.W. Rupp & Co. 1.85   E.H. Freeman 1.50
Sohn Ricker & Weisenborn
  Fire Extinguisher Mfg
TOTAL                                                                                          1,638.30

On motion of Ald Ohlschlager Bills were approved and ordered paid. Adopted.

No further Business Board adjourned

Teo Schlag Secretary