Car Seat Checks

The Quincy Fire Department is one of the few places in Quincy that provide car seat checks.  We have certified car seat technicians that are capable of helping you install a car seat or helping you with your questions or concerns.  If you are interested in having your seat checked to see if it is installed properly, a car seat check is held once a month at the Quincy Fire Department, and there is usually a Car Seat Tech on duty. 

Each one of the Techs went through a 32-40 hour training course to become certified as a Car Seat Tech and each person participates in continuing education to help stay on top of changes in car seats and laws.  Due to stricter laws, training and certification, Illinois is the leader in car seat safety. It has been proven that the number of deaths in infants and children have been greatly reduced by stricter laws and caring parents and guardians within the State of Illinois.

If you have any questions you may call the Quincy Fire Department office at 217-228-4459.