Smoke Detectors

What do I need to know about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

The Quincy Fire Department strongly endorses the use of both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

We also wish to remind you that city ordinance requires at least one functioning smoke detector on each level in all residential dwellings.

Which detectors are best? For a detector to be placed on the market, it must be tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Because of this, we do not recommend any particular brand of either smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Just make sure the brand you buy is UL approved.

Where should I place my detectors? In general, a detector should be placed on each level and within fifteen feet of each sleeping area. For more specific information or to have a firefighter come to your home to advise you, call the Fire Chief’s Office.

I have been contacted by a company about a rather expensive home protection system. Are they better? Most companies are legitimate. However there are some con artists out there. Before you buy a system please feel free to call us for advice!