Burning Regs

Where can I get information on burning regulations and burn permits?

Open burning, includes leaf burning, is illegal in the City of Quincy. The only exception is the burning of any landscape waste for which the Quincy Fire Department has issued a burn permit. Violations of the City’s burning ordinances are punishable by law.

Burn Permits - Burn Permits are issued to residents who wish to burn landscape waste that was grown on that property. (Note: burning of leaves is prohibited.) For a burn permit to be issued the following steps must be taken:

  1. An application must be submitted to the Quincy Fire Department at least seven days prior to the intended burn date.

  2. The burn site will be inspected for the following:

    a) Fuel will be landscape waste only (no refuse, leaves or  construction debris). 
    b) There must be an acceptable means of extinguishment close by. 
    c) The burn pile must not be any more than six feet in height nor more than twenty-four feet in diameter. 
    d) The burn pile must be placed at least 50 feet from structures or other property.

For further information or to obtain a permit, contact the Quincy Fire Department during office hours.