Joint ETSB

9-1-1 Joint Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB)


The 9-1-1 Joint ETSB is a joint committee of the City of Quincy and Adams County governments created in 2018 to oversee the operation of the Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 System.  Meetings are called the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 5:15 p.m. at the Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 Center, 222 N. 52nd Street.

Name Address Phone
Alderman Mike Farha 2043 Vermont St. 217-228-1741
Alderman Jeff Bergman 1413 College Ave. 217-222-9263
Alderman Richie Reis 1000 St. Charles Dr. 217-430-9968
Robert Copley
Quincy Police Chief
110 S. 8th St. 217-228-4480
Ryan Niekamp
Adams County Board
1323 N. 12th St. 217-617-2618
Brian Vonderhaar
521 Vermont St. 217-277-2200
John Simon
PSAP Representative
222 N. 52nd St. 217-277-2005
Sue Hester
Public Representative
521 Vermont St. 217-214-5000