Violations of Pretreatment Requirements or Standard 2015

The City of Quincy is required by Section 24.1215 of the Municipal Code of the City of Quincy, as well as Federal and State Regulations to publish annually a list of Industrial Users who have committed significant violations of any Pretreatment Requirements or Standard during the previous twelve (12) months.  A “significant violation” shall mean: 1) chronic violations of wastewater discharge limits, defined as those in which sixty-six percent (66%) or more of the wastewater measurements taken during a six (6) month period exceed daily maximum limit or average limit for the same pollutant parameter by any amount; 2) violations in which thirty-three percent (33%) or more of the wastewater measurement taken for each pollutant parameter during a six (6) month period equals or exceeds the product of the daily maximum limit or the average limit; 3) any violation that the Control Authority determines has caused, alone, or in combination with other discharges interferences or pass through, including endangering the health of the POTW personnel or the general public; 4) any discharge of pollutants that has caused imminent endangerment to the public or the environment, or has resulted in the POTW’s exercise of its emergency authority; 5) failure to meet, within ninety (90) days after the scheduled date, a compliance milestone; 6) failure to provide, within thirty (30) days after the due date, required monitoring reports, and reports on compliance with compliance schedules; 7) failure to accurately report noncompliance; or 8) any violation or group of violations which the Control Authority determines will adversely affect the operation or implementation of the Local Pretreatment Program.

The following is a list of Industrial Users who violated the Ordinance during the calendar year 2015:

McNay Truck and Trailer Maintenance and Wash            201 Radio Road
Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.                                                    415 N. 24th St.

By Order Of
Gregory M. Frieden
Project Manager
Severn Trent Services/Quincy Water Pollution Control Facility