Site Plan Review

The intention of the site plan review is to provide for consultation and cooperation between the developer and the city so that both parties may realize maximum utilization of land, minimize the adverse effect upon the surrounding land uses, reaffirm compliance of the comprehensive plan and insure the orderly development of the city.

A copy of the Site Plan Review Application and Checklist are available at the Department of Planning and Development, Planning Office located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd Floor, City Hall Annex or by clicking on the following links:

  1. Cover Letter

  2. Application

  3. Checklist

Procedure and Review of Plans: 
Site plan review is required for multiple family  (R3), commercial (C1A, C1B, C2, C3) downtown (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5) and industrial (M1, M2, M3) projects and any off-premise sign (billboard). All site plans shall be submitted to the Planning office and reviewed by the appropriate city departments. Upon determination that a site plan is in compliance with all requirements the plan shall be approved. 

Permit Fee Schedule:
An application fee (nonrefundable) shall be charged for all projects requiring site plan reviews. Said fee shall be paid prior to the review. The fee shall be as follows:  

Effective 04/04/07 01/01/08 01/01/09 01/10/10
  $100.00 $150.00 $200.00 $250.00
plus an additional $10.00 for every acre beyond the first acre.

Information Required on the Site Plan: 
A site plan submitted for review and approval shall contain the following data:

Genral Information Physical Features Nature Features
Plans drawn to scale Existing and proposed
lot lines, building lines,
structures, parking lot
on adjacent sites
Existing and
Owners name, address
and phone
Traffic and pedestrian
ciculation facilitiies
Drainage course
Professional seal Existing and proposed
Natural resources 
Zoning district Flood plan, floor
specifcations of 
building materials
Bodies of water
Area, height, lot
coverage, setbacks
Dimensions of parking
spaces, drives and 
type of surfaces
Legal description Exisitng snd proposed
lighting location, type
and illumination
Total usable floor
Exisitng and proposed
fencing, etc.
Type and number of

Exisitng and proposed
signage; location,
size, height

Number of employees    


For additional information on Building Code Amendments and Building Code Checklist, please click on the following links:

  1. 2006 Building Code Amendments

  2. Code Check-Off

For More Information:
Tom Fentem, Community Planner
City Hall Annex - 706 Maine Street
Quincy, Illinois 62301