Sanitary Sewer Connection

A connection permit is required to connect any property to the city of Quincy sewer system.  This is in addition to the plumbing permit.

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A signed sewer connection permit and fee payment is required before connection may be made to the city of Quincy sewer system.  The permit holder is responsible for contacting JULIE for utility locations.  A licensed plumber is required to make the connection.  A twenty-four (24) hour advance notification is required prior to connection.

Permit Fee Schedule: 
Connection fees for residential properties vary from $50 to $550 and for non-residential properties from one-half (1/2) cent to eight (8) cents per square foot with minimums of $50 and $550, respectively.  For information on a specific property, please contact the Department of Utilities.

For More Information:
Utilities Department
730 Maine Street, 2nd Floor
Quincy, Illinois  62301