Revocable Permit

A Revocable Permit is required for any sign, advertisement, banner, display, awning, and canopy or other similar device or object which extends over or is located on City right-of-way. City right-of-way is any sidewalk, street, alley, parkway or any other similar publicly area in the City of Quincy. The application and approval processes must be completed before the right-of-way encroachment.

Application: An application for Revocable Permit is available here or may be picked up in person from the Engineering Department located on the 2nd floor at City Hall, 730 Maine Street.

Approval: After review of the application, the City Engineer presents the Revocable Permit request to the City Council for their approval or denial.

Fee: $15.00 at the time of application.

For additional information, please contact the Engineering Department at (217) 228-4527.

For More Information:
Jeffrey Conte, City Engineer
City Hall - 730 Maine Street
Quincy, Illinois 6230l