Demolition Permit

Demolition permits ensure that the Quincy Preservation Commission, Quincy Fire Department and the Inspection Office have reviewed a project that is scheduled for demolition in order to protect public interest, health, safety and welfare. After proper consideration by these parties the demolition may be undertaken. 

Demolition permit application forms and related materials are available at the Department of Planning and Development, Inspection Office located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd floor, City Hall Annex or you may download the application form using Adobe Acrobat reader.

A demolition permit is required before starting any demolition  (residential, commercial or industrial.)  The owner, agent, or demolition contractor is required to complete an application. Salvage permits are also available. 

Review of Application: 
The Building Inspector and Fire Department will review the submitted applications for compliance with Section 152.01 of the Code. The review can usually be completed and the applicant notified within 3 to 5 working days of receipt of a completed application. However, if the project is located within a Historic District it is subject to a review by the Preservation Commission of 35 days.  

Permit Fee Schedule: 
The cost of a demolition permit is determined by Section 162.210 of the Municipal Code of Quincy and is provided below: 

Effective Present
One and Two Family Residential  
Minimum fee for demolition:  First Story $95.00
                     each additional 10 feet $5.00 
Accessory buildings (garages) $60.00
Multi-family, Commerical or Industrial  
Minimum fee for demolition     0' - 10' $325.00
                                        10' 1" - 20' $50.00
                     each additonal 10 feet $25.00


Inspection Sequence: 
The cost of an inspection is included in the demolition permit fee.  All demolition inspections will be conducted in the following sequence:

1. Inspect site prior to issuing demolition permit

2. Inspect site during demolition (as needed)

3. Final inspection to ensure compliance with demolition ordinance

4. Return bond to demolition contractor. 

For More Information: 
Michael Seaver, Building Official/Director of Inspection & Enforcement
City Hall Annex 
706 Maine Street, Third Floor
Quincy, Illinois 62301