City of Quincy Municipal Aggregation Program

January 30, 2019

For Immediate Release

City of Quincy's Municipal Aggregation Program Is Still In Effect

The City of Quincy’s corporate attorneys have deemed the contract with Homefield Energy signed by the Mayor on March 9th, 2018 valid. City of Quincy ordinance 12-38, passed on 11-27-2012 (Section 54.22), gives to the Mayor and in his absence the Director of Administrative Services authorization “to execute any and all documents with the lowest responsible electricity provider selected by the Director of Administrative Services and Director of Purchasing in their discretion in order to effectuate the adopted plan of operation and governance for the electricity aggregation program, including but not limited to any applicable service agreement or other applicable agreement”.

Consequently, since this Ordinance gives to the Mayor the authorization to sign such Agreements, the Agreement signed on March 9, 2018, is legal, valid and binding and the resolution that failed to ratify the March 9, 2018 Agreement is of no affect.

What does this mean to residents enrolled in the aggregation program? Residents who still choose to be enrolled in the aggregation program will see a rate decrease on March 1st, 2019. The rate will be lowered from the current 5.795 cents per kilowatthour to 5.100 cents with meter readings in March and drop to 5.091 cents in June for the next 33 months of the 36-month contract. Participants in the City of Quincy’s municipal electric aggregation program who wish to opt out may still do so after February 1.

A recent letter from Homefield Energy, which supplies electricity for the city program, indicated an opt-out deadline of February 1. That deadline is to enable Homefield to create a participant list for Ameren Illinois, which distribute in Quincy electricity from Homefield.

In its program, the city assured that participants could opt out at any time and at no cost. Those who do not opt out will continue to be enrolled in the city’s initiative. Anyone may enroll in the program by calling Homefield toll free at 866-694-1262.

Residents are encouraged to go to at any time to compare rates and to select the rate most advantageous to them.

For more information on the City of Quincy Muncipal Electric Aggregation program please click here.