Where do I pay a parking ticket or other ordinance ticket?

  • Treasurer’s Office located at 730 Maine.
  • Drop off: Drop your payment off in one of our two 24 hour drop boxes located in the 8th Street entrance foyer or our drive-up box located on the west side of the building in the parking lot.

What City fees and fines can I pay online?

  • Any charge that is invoiced by the City Treasurer's Office can be paid online using the City of Quincy Miscellaneous Invoice ePay. These charges include airport hangar rental, parking lot rental, health insurance, miscellaneous fire and police protection services, etc. Parking tickets and other ordinance violations cannot be paid online.

Where do I pay my speeding or seat belt tickets?

  • Adams County Courthouse, 507 Vermont, Quincy, IL

Who do I call if I have a question about my property taxes?

  • Adams County Treasurer’s Office, 217-277-2245.

What is the breakdown for Sales Tax?

  • The State of Illinois collects the sales tax for the City of Quincy.  The tax rate is currently 8.00%, and is distributed as follows:

    State of Illinois 5.00%
    City of Quincy 1.00% (Municipal Sales Tax)
    City of Quincy 1.50% (Home Rule Sales Tax)
    Adams County 0.25%
    Adams County 0.25% (Public Safety Tax)

 Qualifying food, drugs, and medical appliance are taxed at 1 percent.

What are City Hall’s hours of operation?

  • 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

What do I need to do if a lien was filed against my property?

  • Call the City Treasurer’s Office, 217-228-4575, to get the pay-off on the lien. Once the funds are collected, the lien will be released by the Treasurer’s Office.