Under the city’s franchise agreement, Insight Communications created a separate communications network that links all government and educational institutions together until 2027.   Insight Communications spent $475,000 to construct this separate network during their upgrades several years ago.    The INET provides a secure, high-speed communication channel between the various institutions.    The biggest benefit of the INET is the ability to provide free, high-speed Internet access to all public and private schools, including the Quincy Public Library, Quincy University and the Senior Center.

While Insight Communications provides maintenance on the cable system, the city has continued to upgrade the communication equipment in order to provide the best learning opportunities for our children.   The INET has also allowed the Quincy Public Library and Senior Center to expand the various services offered to the residents of Quincy and Adams County.

This infrastructure also plays a critical role in public safety.     The City of Quincy’s Fire & Police Departments, Adams County Sheriff & EMS and Tri-Township Fire use this infrastructure to communicate with the Adams County 911 Center.

These are just two of the most important benefits of the INET.   The City of Quincy realizes the importance of such a tool and has tried to keep the infrastructure upgraded with the newest, most cost effective equipment.

The City of Quincy will continue to explore the latest technology in order to help support our educational institutions with the most cost-effective network communication service, while insuring secure communications for all of Adams County Public Safety agencies.