Operating Revenues

Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Budgeted Revenues by Source
(Estimated to be raised from sources other than taxation for General Corporate Purposes and for Special Purposes.)
General Fund - Beginning Funds on Hand $2,250,000
General Fund - Cash Reserve Funds 3,325,000
Capital Fund - Beginning Funds on Hand 1,350,000
Sales Tax 9,588,598
Home Rule Sales Tax 9,122,786
Income Tax 3,636,285
Personal Property Replacement Tax 2,670,556
Other Tax Revenues (includes $800,00 from Amendment A) 2,696,372
Licenses & Permits 331,800
Charges for Services 635,250
Rent & Other Income 14,050
Interest Income 20,000
Grants 33,000
Transfers - In 653,249
Inter-Governmental Revenues 593,000
TOTAL before property tax revenues $29,994,946
Total to be Raised by Taxation for General Corporate Purpose 0.00
Total to be Raised by Taxation for Special Purposes 0.00
Debt Retirement:  
Series 2009 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bond (09-27) 402,258
Series 2010 General Obligation Refunding Bond (10-12) 113,780
Series 2015 General Obligation Refunding Bond (15-21) 1,192,784
For Employee Retirement:  
Firemen's Pension Fund 2,236,336
Policemen's Pension Fund 1,969,335
For Public Library 732,045
For Special Service Area 95,00 
Total to be Raised by Taxation for General and Special Corporate Purposes $6,741,538

I, Sheri Ray, Budget Officer, hereby certify that these are the estimated revenues, by source, to be received by the City of Quincy during the 2018-2019 fiscal year covered by the approved budget.