Solid Waste License

Title V Chapter 50 Of The Municipal Code Of The City Of Quincy Of 2015 establishes the authority of the City of Quincy (“City”) to require persons and entities engaging in the business of the collection of solid waste in the City to obtain a license from the City and to pay solid waste collection license fees imposed by the City. Persons (to include corporations, as defined by Ordinance 9272) wishing to apply for a Solid Waste License must fill out the form provided in the link below, and submit the form to the Director of Administrative Services at the address provided.

Application for Solid Waste License
The form is being provided in Adobe Acrobat format. The form may be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader or type or hand written.

Completed applications may be submitted to the following address:

Skip Bright
Director of Administrative Services
730 Maine Street
Quincy, IL 62301