Frequently Asked Questions

Where do QTL (Quincy Transit Lines) buses go?
Six buses operate within the Corporate City Limits of Quincy. They leave every half hour, on the hour and half-hour from the main transfer point, 7th and Jersey Streets.

Red Route 1 Veterans home travels through the northwest side of the City to the Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home and back to the transfer point. The Red Route 1 Indian Mounds travels the southwest side of the City to the Indian Mounds Park and back to the transfer point.

The Yellow Route 2 Walton travels through the north central area of the City to the Walton Industrial area at 28th and Cedar and returns to the transfer point. The Yellow Route 2 Baldwin travels east on Maine, past Baldwin School to Kmart and returns through the Quincy Mall to the transfer point.

The Green Route 3 Broadway travels east on Broadway, through the Quincy University area, and north to Quincy Development Center and back to the transfer point. The Green Route 3 State travels east on State to Good Samaritan Home and returns to the transfer point after traveling through the South Central area of the City.

The Blue Route 4 buses service the industrial areas and retail areas bordering the City of Quincy. The 54th and Broadway bus begins at KMart and services Wal-Mart, Transitions, and Quincy Mall. It also services Kochs Lane, Quincy Development Center, industries on Wismann Lane, Industrial Supply Services, Denman Laundry and the Post Office. The 22nd Harrison bus begins at Kmart and services Prairie Crossing, Transitions on Maine Street, John Wood Community College, Curtis Creek Apartments, Harvest Hills, Cherry Lane, 14th and Harrison HyVee, Country Club Heights and Quincy Commons.
How do I know which bus to take?
Each route has its own name. The bus name is either located on the front of the bus above the front windshield or on the right side of the bus along the top of the side window. If you need help determining which bus to take, you may contact the main office at 217-228-4550.
Where can I get a QTL schedule?
You can get a schedule from any driver, City Hall or any of the area businesses that sell bus passes. You can also view and print the maps here
How and where do I catch the bus?
Each bus will stop at every intersection, when there is someone waiting to ride the bus. The bus will stop at the corner before the intersection except at major intersections where there is a traffic signal. At those intersections, it will proceed through the intersection before stopping. The major intersections where the bus will go through the intersection before stopping are 12th and Maine northwest corner on Maine, 12th and Broadway northwest corner on Broadway, 24th and Chestnut, southeast side of street on Chestnut beyond the left hand turn lane, 12th and State southeast side of street on State beyond the left hand turn lane, 5th and Hampshire northeast corner on 5th, 5th and Maine south east corner on Maine, 6th and Maine southeast corner on Maine, 8th and Maine, southeast corner on Maine, 12th and Maine southeast corner on Maine, 24th and Maine southeast corner on Maine beyond the left hand turn lane, 30th and Maine by circle drive to Baldwin School and 8th and Broadway northeast corner on 8th.

Please arrive early and stand by the appropriate intersection along the route. Signal the driver by holding up your hand and waving. Have correct change or bus pass ready when boarding the bus.

How much does it cost?
Click here for a link for information on our fares and passes

How do I pay the fare?
Drop your money in the fare box as you board or show your pass to the driver. Please have exact amount. Drivers do not have change.

How do I get the bus to stop?
One block before your destination, pull the cord along the window to signal the driver. The driver will let you off at the next safe intersection.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?
All QTL buses are wheelchair accessible. All buses are equipped with lifts.

What is a transfer?
A transfer allows you to ride a different bus to reach your destination. 

How do I transfer?
Tell the driver where you are going and ask for a transfer when you pay your fare. If you are unsure of which bus to take, please ask the driver.