Zoning Districts

The city and the continuous unincorporated territory within one and one-half miles of the Quincy corporate limits are divided into seven types of districts:

RU Districts - Rural
RE Districts - Resort
R Districts - Residential
NR Districts - Neighborhood Residential
C Districts - Commercial
D Districts - Downtown
M Districts - Industrial

The seven districts are further divided into the following specific districts:

RU1 - Rural District
RE1 - Resort District
RS - Single-Family District
R1A - Single-Family District
R1B - Single-Family District
R1C - Single-Family District
R2 - Two-Family District
R3 - Multi-Family District
NR1 - Neighborhood Residential District
NR2 - Neighborhood Residential District
C1A - Limited Local Commercial District
C1B - Limited Local Commercial District
C2 - Commercial District
C3 - Planned Commercial District
D1 - Downtown Retail District
D2 - Downtown General Business District
D3 - Downtown Riverfront District
D4 - Downtown Office and Medical Facility District
D5 - Downtown Industrial District
M1 - Light Industrial District
M2 - Heavy Industrial District
M3 - Planned Industrial District

In addition to the specific districts, property may also acquire the following identifiers:

L - Landmark
H - Historic District

These additional identifiers shall be appended to the specific district of properties designated by ordinance as being Landmarks or within the boundaries of an Historic District as provided for in Title XV, Chapter 162 of the Municipal Code of the City of Quincy. Such additional identification is only designed to grant the various protections afforded by Chapter 162 and, unless otherwise specified, is not intended to remove any requirement that the property otherwise comply with the zoning regulations and other ordinances of the City of Quincy.

The boundaries of the districts are as shown on "The City of Quincy Zoning District Map" compiled September 18, 1998, as amended from time to time. The district map shall be the final authority as to the current zoning status of lands and buildings, subject to such amendments then in effect. Changes to the districts shall be indicated on the district map promptly after the adoption of such amendments.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of districts as shown on the district map, the following rules shall apply:

  1. Boundaries are the centerline of highways, expressways, streets or alleys, unless otherwise indicated.

  2. Boundaries are platted tracts on lot lines, unless otherwise indicated.

  3. Boundaries indicated as following railroad lines shall be construed to be midway between the main track.

  4. All territory in the unincorporated area hereafter coming under the zoning jurisdiction of the City of Quincy shall be and the same is hereby classified for zoning purposes as RU1 - Rural, until otherwise reclassified by amendment.

  5. Whenever the Council or other authority vacates a street or alley, adjacent districts shall extend to the centerline of the vacation.