Community Overview

  • John Wood founded Quincy  in 1822, settling on land that was part of a large area set aside as a Military Bounty Tract for the Veterans of War of 1812.

  • Quincy is a home rule city with a Council/Mayor form of government. The Council is made up of 7 wards each represented by 2 council members who are elected for four-year terms and a Mayor who is elected for a four-year term.

  • This growing rural community operates under a sophisticated and comprehensive development plan and is a full-service city. 

  • Quincy continues to invest in community improvements. Recent City Council-approved bond issues for capital improvement initiatives have enabled the City to begin over one dozen projects totaling over $5.7 million, to do numerous street improvements and to secure land for  extensive Greenways and Walking/Biking Trails development.

  • Quincy is also home to a diverse education system, including both public and parochial elementary and secondary schools, technical schools, a community college, and a private four-year university. More information on Quincy's educational opportunities can be found on the Education page.