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Q: Is there a fee to pay invoices from the City Treasurer's Office online?
There is no fee to the customer to pay their bill online via the City of Quincy's Non-Utility Invoice ePay. The City of Quincy covers all credit card and check processing fees as a courtesy to residents and customers.

Q: My account has been turned over to the Local Debt Recovery Program. Can I pay online to stop the State collections?
A: The City of Quincy cannot accept online payments on accounts turned over to the Local Debt Recovery Program. Please call the City Treasurer's Office at 217-228-4575 to inquire about the status of the account and for information on payment options.

Q: Can I pay for parking and other ordinance violations online?
A: No! Payments for Quincy Police Department ordinance violation tickets, including parking tickets, must be paid for via mail or in person and the City Treasurer's Office.

Q: I manage multiple accounts. Do I need a separate user profile to manage and pay each account online?
A: You can associate multiple accounts to a single user profile with the CIty of Quincy's Non-Utility Invoice ePay. You will need the most recent bill for every account that you manage to provide validation information confirming your authorization to associate each account.

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