Utilities Committee

Created unknown. Initial appointments are for a 3-year term. The membership of the Committee consists of the Mayor, Director of Utilities, City Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, 3 Aldermen and 3 citizens. Meetings are called on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the City Hall Conference Room 209.

Name Address Phone
(A-Appointed, R-Reappointed, E-Expires)
Alderman David Bauer 1612 Chestnut Street 217-224-3822
Alderman Paul Havermale 3303 Lindell St 217-316-5848
Alderman Virgil Goehl 401 Gardner Park Drive 217-223-2135
Jacob Venvertloh 1420 N. 48th St.
Dan Cook (A-2004) Mercantile Bank 217-223-7300
Mayor 730 Maine Street 217-228-4500
Director of Utilities 730 Maine Street 217-228-4580
City Engineer 730 Maine Street 217-228-4527
Assistant City Engineer 730 Maine Street 217-228-4527