Quincy Preservation Commission

Created on May 3rd, 1984. Initial appointments are for a 3-year term. The membership of the Commission consists of 2 Aldermen, The Department of Planning & Development Director and 11 citizens. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Department of Planning and Development conference room, City Hall Annex, 3rd Floor, 706 Maine Street.

Click here for a brochure on the Local Landmarks and Historic Districts of Quincy, IL.

Name Address Phone
(A-Appointed, E-Expires)
David Schlembach
1866 Grove Ave. 217-223-4605(W)
217-222-5295 (H)
Donna Haire
Vice Chairperson
312 Lexington 217-223-7949
Chuck Bevelheimer (Ex-Offcio)
Director of Planning & Development
706 Maine St. 217-228-4515
Alderman Eric Entrup 1506 Highland Ln. 217-577-5500
Alderman Dave Bauer 1612 Chestnut St.


Robert Cook  310 S. 16th St.  217-224-2585
Vicki Ebbing (A-2013) 1515 Kentucky St. 217-228-4545 (W)
217-257-9909 (C)
Karol Ehmen 1665 Hampshire St. 217-430-8696
Jamie Foster (A-2014) 1222 Chestnut St. 217-316-4569
Walter Giesing (A-2014) 228 South 18th St. 217-224-2636
Amy Lefringhouse 222 N. 24th St. 217-242-1661
Lynn Snyder (A-2013) 590 Hwy. 57 217-221-1970 (H)
Judy Trent 1875 Grove Ave  720-299-8510
Tom Fentem, Staff 706 Maine St. 217-221-3663 (W)
217-228-2724 (H)