Central Services Committee

Created unknown. Initial appoints are for a 3-year term. The membership of the Committee consists of the Director of Administrative Services, Director of Operations, City Engineer, Asst. City Engineer, Project Engineer, and 4 Aldermen. Meetings are called on the second Tuesday of each month at
4:00 p.m. in the City Hall Caucus Room 122.

Name Address Phone
Alderman Tony Sassen
2129 Grove Avenue 217-223-2037     
Alderman Eric Entrup 1506 Highland Lane 217-577-5500
Alderman Terri Heinecke 1007 Monroe 217-316-0783
Alderman Jack Holtschlag 633 Monroe 217-223-4675
Director of Administrative Services    
Director of Operations    
City Engineer    
Assistant City Engineer    
Project Engineer