Animal Control Commission

Initial appointments are for two (2) year terms which may be staggered by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.  All terms shall be based on years that coincide with the fiscal year of the City of Quincy.  The Commission shall consist of seven (7) members.  The membership shall include two (2) City Council members, one (1) licensed veterinarian, one (1) representative from the Quincy Police Department, one (1) representative of an animal welfare organization, and two (2) representatives being appointed from the community at large. Members may be reappointed to serve on the committee from time to time.

Name Address Phone
Alderman Eric Entrup 1506 Highland Ln. 217-577-5500
Ronna Robertson
Jodi Echternkamp
Sgt. Chad Scott
Quincy Police Department
110 S. 8th St. 217-228-4470
Fred Nothold 2651 Wild Horse 217-223-8063
Jenna Lannerd, CVT 4000 Hampton Ln. 217-257-7437