Safe Boating Week

May 15, 2017

Whereas: for nearly 90 million Americans from coast to coast boating continues to be a popular recreational activity in the forms of sailing, paddling, fishing and boating; and

Whereas: during National Safe Boating Week, we call attention to this pastime and remind recreational boaters to be safe and responsible while on our nations waterways; and

Whereas: every boater should wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times while boating which would help prevent three-fourths of the fatalities in boating-related accidents; and

Whereas: today’s life jackets are more comfortable, attractive and wearable than those of years past; and

Whereas: the vast majority of boating accidents are caused by human error or poor judgment and not by the boat, equipment or environmental factors; and

Whereas: safe and responsible boating includes never operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and knowing basic navigation rules:

Whereas: people continue to enjoy all our natural environment has to offer and National Safe Boating week is observed to bring attention to these important life-saving tips for recreational boaters of Quincy and the surrounding area so that they can have a safe, fun filled experience on the water.

Therefore, I, Kyle A. Moore, Mayor, do hereby proclaim May 20 - 26 as

National Safe Boating Week

in the City of Quincy, and encourage all citizens to support the goals of the North American Safe Boating Campaign (Wear It!) and practice safe boating habits.