Local Landmark Recommendations

November 19, 2015

During its regular November meeting, the Quincy Preservation Commission voted to recommend City Council approval of Local Landmark status for two residential properties:  the Anna Bader Kespohl House at 1632 York St. and the J. Russell Williams House at 2003 Jersey St.

Landmark or Local Historic District designation is the only means available for local governments to protect the distinctive architectural features found on historic buildings.  

A recommendation to the City Council is the last of a series of steps—including a public hearing—that the Commission follows when developing a Landmark nomination.  Along with its recommendation, the Commission forwards a proposed designating ordinance to the Council. 

With the designation of these properties, Quincy will have a total of 104 stand-alone Local Landmarks.  An additional 49 buildings are included in the city’s four Local Historic Districts.  A brochure with photos and short descriptions is available free-of-charge at the Department of Planning and Development, 3rd Floor, City Hall Annex, 706 Maine St., or online at:  http://www.quincyil.gov/government/CityDepartments/PD/historic-preservation/landmarks-designation

Anna Bader Kespohl House
1632 York St.

J. Russell Williams House
2003 Jersey St.