Quincy Named A Finalist for 2015 All-American City Award

April 1, 2015

Quincy, IL has been recognized as a finalist for the 2015 All-America City Award. Given by the National Civic League to 10 communities each year, the award celebrates and recognizes neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, counties, tribes and metro regions that have engaged residents in innovative, inclusive and effective efforts to tackle critical challenges.

The focus of this year’s All-America City Award is on community efforts to engage and support vulnerable young men and boys, aligning with efforts such as The White House's My Brother's Keeper Initiative.

“At a time when the challenges facing our communities can seem overwhelming, places like Quincy, IL are a critical reminder of the good work being done all across the country,” said Gloria Rubio-Cortes, President of the National Civic League. “It’s an example of what’s possible when local government, business, nonprofits and residents come together to solve problems. That’s why I am proud to announce that Quincy, Illinois has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 All-America City Award.”

Quincy’s Mayor Kyle Moore stated many unique collaborations were highlighted in Quincy’s application, which he believed made Quincy measure well against other cities. “We have programs like Quincy Teen Reach, Chaddock Boys School and the United Way of Adams County’s Financial Stability Imitative that have made drastic impacts in the lives of Quincy’s youth. We are a community that made a historic choice to invest in new public school buildings. We are a community that honors our veterans and helps others in times of need. Quincy is truly an All-American City.”

A team representing Quincy will join residents; nonprofit, business, and government leaders; and young people from the 15 other finalist communities in Denver from June 12-14. The event gives finalist communities the chance to connect and share insights with other innovative communities and a chance to learn from national leaders in the field of civic engagement and innovation. Each community will then present the story of their work to a jury of nationally recognized civic leaders. The event is every bit as much
about learning and networking as it is about competing for the coveted All-America City title.

In explaining the purpose of the award, Rubio-Cortes offered: “NCL isn’t looking for the most prestigious, prosperous or ‘perfect’ communities – that’s not what it takes to win the All-America City Award. The award celebrates communities of any size, geography, affluence, or influence where residents and leaders roll-up their sleeves, and find creative solutions to challenging problems”

2015 All-America City Finalist communities are Marana, Arizona; Carson, California; Salinas, California; Stockton, California; North Lauderdale, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Tallahassee, Florida; Quincy, Illinois; Somerville, Massachusetts; Tupelo, Mississippi; Geneva, New York; Asheboro, North Carolina; Marshall, Texas; Petersburg, Virginia; Spokane, Washington; and Yakima, Washington.

About The All-America City Award:

Since 1949, the National Civic League (NCL) has recognized and celebrated the best in American civic innovation with the prestigious All-America City Award (AAC). The Award, bestowed yearly on 10 communities (more than 650 in all), recognizes trail-blazing efforts to bring residents, local government, business and nonprofit groups together to tackle the most pressing local issues. The City of Quincy has twice been named in All-American City, in 1962 and 1984.

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